Roller Door Openers

At Best Doors & Prestige Garage Doors, we stock and install a huge range of roller door motors for automatic access systems, including some of the best known and most reliable brands, including Gliderol, B&D and ATA.

Gliderol Openers

Gliderol Glidermatic GRD®

The Glidermatic GRD is Gliderol's most popular garage door operator. Using the most up-to-the-minute technology, the GRD includes everything to convert a manually operated roller door to automatic remote control. This operator is available in three models for residential roller doors, depending on the size of the door, and can be fitted to most brands easily and effectively.
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B&D Openers

B&D Roller Door Openers:

Controll-A-Door® Power Drive

Controll a Door Power Drive Garage Door OpenerThe most popular roller garage door opener. 5 year/20,000 cycle warranty on the opener including labour to repair. The Power Drive™ Roller Garage Door Opener is our most popular rolling door opener and features the power to effortlessly operate the majority of residential rolling doors. Powerful yet quiet 600N Motor Soft start and stop to reduce door stress Long lasting automatic LED courtesy lights Short Term Pulling force: 600N Motor: DC Max. Recommended Door Size: 16.5m2 Typical Travel Speed: 120mm/sec
Click here to view the Controll-A-Door® Power Drive Brochure

Controll-A-Door® Roll-A-Pro

Controll a Door Roll a Pro Garage Door OpenerThe B&D Roll-A-Pro™ garage door opener delivers affordable and secure garage door control with the smooth and reliable operation that B&D is famous for. This automatic opener suits the majority of standard rolling doors. 2 year/5,000 cycle warranty on the opener including labour to repair. Reliable 500N Motor Soft start and stop to reduce door stress Automatic courtesy light Includes: 2 x Tri-Tran+™ Premium Remote Controls and Wall Mount Remote Control
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ATA Door Openers

GDO-6 Slim-Drive EasyRoller®

Suitable for continuous curtain residential roll up doors up to 15m2 in size, the Slim-Drive EasyRoller offers one of the smallest side room requirements on the Australian market – just 40mm from door curtain to bracket. Its compact size allows for installation in the tightest of situations without compromising features and quality. 3 years warranty [Conditions apply].
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GDO-6 Easy Roller® Gen 2 Door Opener

ATA's GDO-6 EasyRoller has been the international standard in roller door automation for years, offering a winning combination of slimline design, impressive safety features and an enviable reputation for reliability. The GDO-6 EasyRoller Gen 2 expands on the international standard set by the original GDO-6 EasyRoller. Retaining the slimness, technological performance and reliable mechanics of the original, the Gen 2 opener introduces key technologies including Wireless PE Beam compatibility.
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GDO-8 Shed Master® Door Opener


The ATA GDO-8 Shed Master is a top of the range opener, with built-in intelligence features such as Intelligent Safety System and Door

Profiling, which means that the door adjusts itself when opening and closing or if blocked. Designed for installation on uncovered or exposed doors, the GDO-8 Shed Master has a weather resistant rating of IP24. This design includes a keyed lockout to stop unwanted persons reaching into your property and disengaging the door to manual mode. The control panel can be similarly locked out to prevent unauthorised usage.
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Make your home even smarter, simpler and more secure with our range of great accessories.

  • Battery Backup - In the event of power failure, you can rely on your door providing the security and convenience of automation. This smart item also features a self-protection system to prevent damaging total discharge of the battery.
  • Emergency Key Release - Allows doors to be disengaged and operated manually from outside the garage, recommended where the garage door is the only entry point to the garage.
  • PE Safety Beam - Protect your family and your car with the PE Safety Beam. As soon an object or person moves through the invisible safety beam, the door will reverse to avert serious damage being done.
  • TrioCode™ Keyring Transmitters - Each of these transmitter’s four buttons can operate a separate function or opener, allowing access your whole home from one convenient unit. Best of all, TrioCode™ technology ensures this transmitter works every time.
  • TrioCode™ Water Resistant Transmitters - Featuring all the benefits of TrioCode™ technology, this sleek unit is also splash resistant. Being caught out in a sudden shower or suffering backfire from a garden hose are no longer concerns for your transmitter, as the smart new design will continue to operate first time, every time.
  • TrioCode™ Wireless Keypad - Be it returning from a bike ride, the kids coming home from school, or the pool cleaner arriving while you’re at work, the weatherproof wireless keypad allows access without a transmitter. With back lit numbers for day or night use, multiple users can have unique codes for specific door and gate access.
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