Garage Door Safety

We strongly advise that you follow the following Garage Door Safety tips to maximise the safe operation of your Garage Door and Opener.
  • For additional safety protection we strongly recommend the fitting of a Photo Electric (PE) Beam sensor. In most countries PE Beams are mandatory on all garage doors fitted with automatic openers. For a small additional outlay we recommend that PE Beams be installed with the opener to ensure safety and peace of mind.
  • DO NOT operate the garage door opener unless the garage door is in full view and free from objects such as cars and people. Make sure that the door has finished moving before entering or exiting the garage.
  • DO NOT operate the garage door opener when persons are near the door. Children must be supervised near the garage door at all times when the door opener is in use.
  • DO NOT allow young children to operate the garage door opener.
  • Regularly check to make sure that the safety obstruction force is working correctly, and is tested and set as per the instruction manual. This test must be repeated at regular intervals and the necessary adjustments made as required.
  • DO NOT disengage the door opener to manual operation with persons or any other objects including motor vehicles within the doorway.
  • Install the wall switch or wall mounted transmitter in a location where it is out of reach of children and the garage door is clearly visible.
  • The door opener is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without adequate supervision. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the remote transmitters or the opener.
  • Keep hands and loose clothing clear of the door and door opener at all times.
  • The garage door must be well balanced. Sticking or binding doors must be repaired by a qualified garage door installer prior to installation of the opener.
  • Frequently examine the installation, in particular cables, springs and mountings for signs of wear, damage or imbalance. DO NOT use if repair or adjustment is needed since a fault in the installation or an incorrectly balanced door may cause injury. DO NOT attempt to repair the door yourself as the springs are under extreme tension and may cause severe injury.
  • Make sure that the door is fully open before driving in or out of the garage and fully closed before leaving the driveway.
  • Keep your garage door properly maintained to keep it operating safely. Annual maintenance by a trained service technician is recommended.
  • Remember that your garage door & opener uses electricity, which can shock or kill if mishandled. Service should be performance by a trained service technician.
  • If someone has damaged the garage door, you should arrange an inspection by a professional. Even if the door doesn’t appear to be too badly damaged or dented, the operating system may have been misaligned and wear prematurely, creating what could be a dangerous environment.
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